An exploratory study into health care policy for persons with intellectual disabilities in Taiwan

Jin Ding Lin, J. L. Wu, C. F. Yen

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Background. Although Taiwan has already had a higher quality of health care compared with other countries, there still is a need to review the quality and effectiveness of services provided. The lack of health care policy for persons with disabilities is a reflection of health care provision in Taiwan. Health care provision problems will limit persons with disabilities in their access to the health care system. The purpose of the present study was to examine the general beliefs about the current health care policies for persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Taiwan. Methods. Data were obtained from two sources, namely government policies analysis and interviews with representatives for key stakeholders in the field of ID. Results. The results illustrate that health care service problems for persons with ID include: how to enforce the discovery system and early intervention service, disability evaluation system, National Health Insurance medical payment and medical care resource development are still confining their quality of care. Furthermore, the links between social welfare, education and health care have been lost because the different roles and perspectives of people in these fields are fundamentally at odds with one another. Health care professionals have become less reform-minded as a consequence of the conditions of their work. Consequently, a complete and coordinated health care policy for persons with ID has become unattainable in society. The present paper draws on evidence from research and policies to explore the problems and potential of service development for persons with ID, and to identify review and action points for managing its implementation.

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期刊Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 1 2004

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