Adsorption characteristics of zinc-cyanide complexes by waste brewery biomass

Yuh Shan Ho

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Citation errors and quotation errors occurr very frequently in scientific papers, but, the authors mostly ignore them. Chu and coworkers published a paper that had been previously evaluated and accepted for publication. This Comment offers information citing the original papers describing Lagergren's pseudo-first-order and Ho's pseudo-second-order-rate expressions. The pseudo-second-order model applies to a range of solid-liquid systems, such as metal ions, dyestuffs, herbicides, oils, and organic substances in aqueous systems applied onto various sorbents. It is suggested that authors must not only be creative but also must be careful while writing up their results in order to publish that are more valuable and papers more worthy of reading.
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期刊Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 5月 2005

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