Accelerated T2* Measurements in Human Meniscus Using Projection Reconstruction with Data Sharing From Adjacent Echo

貢獻的翻譯標題: 人體半月軟骨板 T2*量測之加速: 利用鄰近回訊的資料分享之投影重建

Ping-Huei Tsai, Hsiao Wen Chung, Teng Yi Huang, Wing P. Chan, Cheng-Yu Chen, Fong Y. Tsai

研究成果: 會議貢獻類型論文同行評審


PURPOSE: We aim to take advantage of the projection reconstruction with data sharing from adjacent echo images for acceleration of quantitative T2* measurements.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: In projection reconstruction imaging, MR data are acquired radially to fill the k-space with a densely sampled center region, implying the ability of reconstructing multiple T2 weighted images as well as a T2 map from a single image data set. We extended the similar concept conjugated with the dual echo radial meniscus imaging sequence to speed up the T2* measurements. The proposed imaging method was performed on 3T MRI with 8 different TEs=0.82/2/3/4/6.95/8.13/9.13/10.13 ms, flip angle = 600, TR = 700ms, number of slice = 8, slice thickness = 5mm, projection number = 512, readout per projection = 512, in-plane resolution = 0.24×0.24 mm2, acquisition time per repeat = 5 min 58 sec. After that, 2- and 4-fold undersampled radial k-space data was extracted from this integral data set to test the acceleration ability of the contrast manipulation in our radial meniscus imaging.
RESULTS: Significant improvement of image quality was achieved in the images reconstructed using the proposed method. Moreover, average T2* fittings from these three different projection data sets were derived, respectively. The
derived T2* values were increased from 5.7578 ms to 5.8464 (1.5% error) with two-fold acceleration, and 6.3284 ms (9.9% error) with four-fold acceleration, respectively.
CONCLUSION: Our preliminary finding demonstrated that the proposed method provides an alternative to obtain multiple T2* weighted images and a reliable T2* measurement with a shorter acquisition time, which may be helpful in the implementation of in vivo meniscus T2* mapping in clinical application.
貢獻的翻譯標題人體半月軟骨板 T2*量測之加速: 利用鄰近回訊的資料分享之投影重建
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 2014
事件The 63rd Annual Meeting of RSROC - Chung Shan Medical University, Taichung, 臺灣
持續時間: 3月 22 20143月 23 2014


會議The 63rd Annual Meeting of RSROC


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