A prospective study on cardiopulmonary findings in infants of diabetic mothers

M. Serratto, T. Yeh, V. Harris

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This prospective study was done in 41 infants. The mean gestational age was 38.2 ± 0.62 (SEM) weeks (range 36 - 42) and the mean birth weight 3676 ± 62 (SEM) g (range 1899 - 5740). Apgar scores at 1 minute were < 7 in 9. Tachypnea was present in 18; 7 of these also had retractions. Tachycardia was detected in 9 infants. Hypoglycemia was seen in 24 and hypocalcemia in 9; these were associated with respiratory distress in 3 and 4 infants, respectively. Seven patients were in congestive heart failure. Electrocardiograms (ECGs) were obtained throughout the first week and later as required in 38 infants; 16 were abnormal. Long-term follow-up ECGs were available in 6 cases. Conversion to normal occurred in 4 between 2 and 19 months. Chest X-rays were done throughout the first week in 38 patients; 12 showed a 'wet lung' pattern, 11 increased bronchovascular markings or infiltrates. Lung changes cleared within a few days. Enlarged cardiothymic shadow was present in 17, and persisted several weeks to months. It is apparent that IDMs may have persistent cardiac abnormalities as indicated by ECGs and X-ray findings in spite of rapid improvement of their clinical symptoms.

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