A numerical simulation of intimal thickening under shear in arteries

D. Lee, J. J. Chiu

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A model of intima thickening proposed by Friedman and his coworkers is incorporated in our computer code to simulate the growth of intima under shear. The computer code is based on a finite volume method in a boundary-fitted coordinate system. It is found that the model yields an evenly-distributed thickening over a straight, smooth vessel wall. However, in a stenosed or a curved artery, thicker intima can be formed in preferential regions due to unevenly-distributed wall shear stresses. The results clearly demonstrate the correlations among the geometry, wall shear rate and the plaque localization in arteries. The model is applied to a straight artery with a stenosis of sinus, a smooth curved artery and a stenosed curved artery. The effects of stenosis/sinus and lumen curvature on the flows and the intimal thickening are studied. The simulation provides a numerical visualization of the intimal thickening in a dynamic way.

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