A novel Multi-Level Refined (MLR) knowledge graph design and chatbot system for healthcare applications

Huei Chia Hsueh, Shuo Chen Chien, Chih Wei Huang, Hsuan Chia Yang, Usman Iqbal, Li Fong Lin, Wen Shan Jian

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Imagine having a knowledge graph that can extract medical health knowledge related to patient diagnosis solutions and treatments from thousands of research papers, distilled using machine learning techniques in healthcare applications. Medical doctors can quickly determine treatments and medications for urgent patients, while researchers can discover innovative treatments for existing and unknown diseases. This would be incredible! Our approach serves as an all-in-one solution, enabling users to employ a unified design methodology for creating their own knowledge graphs. Our rigorous validation process involves multiple stages of refinement, ensuring that the resulting answers are of the utmost professionalism and solidity, surpassing the capabilities of other solutions. However, building a high-quality knowledge graph from scratch, with complete triplets consisting of subject entities, relations, and object entities, is a complex and important task that requires a systematic approach. To address this, we have developed a comprehensive design flow for knowledge graph development and a high-quality entities database. We also developed knowledge distillation schemes that allow you to input a keyword (entity) and display all related entities and relations. Our proprietary methodology, multiple levels refinement (MLR), is a novel approach to constructing knowledge graphs and refining entities level-by-level. This ensures the generation of high-quality triplets and a readable knowledge graph through keyword searching. We have generated multiple knowledge graphs and developed a scheme to find the corresponding inputs and outputs of entity linking. Entities with multiple inputs and outputs are referred to as joints, and we have created a joint-version knowledge graph based on this.

發行號1 January
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 2024

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