A food in health security (FIHS) platform in the Asia-Pacific region: The way forward

Mark L. Wahlqvist, John Donough H Keatinge, Colin D. Butler, Sharon Friel, John McKay, Warwick Easdown, Ken N. Kuo, Ching jang Huang, Wen Harn Pan, Ray Yu Yang, Meei Shyuan Lee, Hsing Yi Chang, Ya Wen Chiu, Dov Jaron, Michael Krawinkel, Snow Barlow, Greg Walsh, Tung liang Chiang, Po Chao Huang, Duo Li

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The advent of multiple global crises, especially those of climate change, economics, energy, water, food and health evident in 2008, is of considerable moment to those who are suffering their consequences and for those with responsibility and interest in the systems affected. A coalition of parties in the Asia Pacific Region who work in the food and health systems met in August, 2009 in Taiwan and instigated a Food in Health Security (FIHS) Network which might join with other like-minded networks in and beyond the region. Sustainable health has many dimensions, among which food and nutrition is often neglected; there is a wide spectrum of nutritionally-related disorders. Malnutrition remains the global concern for agricultural research and development scientists and linkage with the health sector is key to progress. The disconnect between agricultural and health sectors negatively impacts consumer nutrition and health. Ethical and equity affect food and health systems. Food and health security is attainable only when the underlying social inequities are addressed; it is an ethical issue as reflected in the UN Universal declaration of Human Rights which includes the right to food for health and wellbeing. Food and health security are part of the larger security agenda and merit corresponding attention. Policy recommendations with immediacy are greater investment in combined food and health research; an Asia Pacific security agenda which emphasizes planetary, human, health and food security as relevant to traditional defence security; and community and household security measures which include maternal literacy, communication technology and entrepreneurial opportunity.

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期刊Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 2009

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