A canadian perspective on ethics review and neuroimaging: Tensions and solutions

Eric Racine, Georg Northoff, Ravi Menon, Jonathan Kimmelman, Judy Illes

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Neuroimaging research has raised ethical concerns such as the management of unexpected findings and the classification and assessment of risks. Research ethics boards (REBs) bear responsibility for the oversight of these challenges but neuroimagers struggle with the practical aspects of ethics review and report that administrative load and inconsistency contribute to eroding confidence and trust in ethics review. Our goal was to discuss and propose strategies for institutional and educational change to improve ethics review. We used an iterative and deliberative workshop-based writing process involving multiple disciplines. We propose recommendations in three tension areas: (1) communication between researchers and REBs; (2) collaboration and sharing of expertise between REBs; and (3) practical considerations and the needs of neuroimagers engaged in the ethics review process. Our recommendations are intended as openings rather than endpoints. Researchers and research ethics governance communities should decide on the future uptake of these recommendations.
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期刊Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 1 2011

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