A bubble-jet MEMS printhead integrated with CMOS de-multiplexer

Jian Chiun Liou, Chien Hung Liu, Chun Jung Chen

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This paper describes the work aimed to develop a thermal inkjet(TIJ) printhead (Figure I) by using bulk micromachining technology (MEMS). This experiment develops new structure designs of chip for Inkjet printheads. A thermal inkjet device is designed, several of the dimensions may be adjusted just a few microns to change or optimize the drop generation performance. This energy conversion devices and systems based on integrated driver head-with the performance of high-frequency and picoliter drop Inkjet and structures. A smart CMOS circuit including D Flip-Flops signal-processing along with bi-directional data transfer and 12V power amplifiers in a printhead chip. All of the jets of ehe printhead are controlled by very few input lines: a pulse shape (ENABLE), a data line (DATA), a bit sfift clock (BIT SHIFT), a atate clearing pulse, 5-volt supply for the logic devices, a higher voltage for energizing the heater resisters, and a ground line. The fabricated back side etching thermal inkjet(TIJ) printhead is measured by open pool and close pool system. The measared begin voltage is 6.5 V, Life time is 9×107.
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期刊IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, Proceedings
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004

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