Accession Number: GSE106664

GPL15523: Phalanx Mouse OneArray Ver 2

Organism: Mus musculus

Published on 2017-11-09

The cell identities of CD49f+GSCs were further identified by comparing them with the E11.5 PGCs and P2 GSCs. The transcriptomic analysis revealed that the CD49f+GSCs had 1/3 similar genes profile to the E11.5 PGCs and P2 GSCs. Further gene ontology (GO) analysis demonstrated that the E11.5 PGCs, P2 GSCs, and CD49f+GSCs shared the partial similar gene expression profile of pluripotency regulation signaling pathway, PI3K-AKT signaling, chemokine signaling, and HIF-1 signaling.

Overall Design:
Isolation of the gonadal cells from 67 E11.5 ICR embryos, and testicular cells from 80 newborn to P2 ICR mice (0- to 2-day-old postpartum), followed by stem cell colony formation under 5% O2 hypoxia for 7 days, and subjected to transcriptome analysis. Meanwhile, CD49f+GSCs from 100 newborn to P2 ICR mice were purified and subjected to transcriptome analysis.

Name: Yung-Che Kuo
Organization: Taipei Medical University
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Organization: PhalanxBiotech Group
Deparment: R&D
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