MOESM9 of STAT3 induces G9a to exacerbate HER3 expression for the survival of epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung cancers

  • Ken Hong Lim (Contributor)
  • Ai Sheng Ho (Contributor)
  • Zong Lin Sie (Creator)
  • Ya Wen Chiang (Creator)
  • Chun Chia Cheng (Contributor)
  • Jungshan Chang (Creator)
  • Yi F. Chang (Creator)



Additional file 9: Figure S1. BBI608 is a potential therapeutic agent against lung cancers. A panel kit containing 172 compounds was used to search for therapies effective against EGFR-positive HCC827, A549, H1975, and EGFR-negative H520 cell lines. The effective agents were selected based on a cell viability level lower than 40%. Among the therapies, only BBI608 markedly reduced cell viability against HCC827, A549, and H1975 rather than H520 cells. (TIF 2396 kb)