MOESM5 of Development and characterization of stable anaerobic thermophilic methanogenic microbiomes fermenting switchgrass at decreasing residence times

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Additional file 5: Figure S2. Comparison of statistics generated from four metagenomes from reactor R3 that were binned with MaxBin2, MyCC, and MetaBat programs. Default parameters were tested. Since the default minimum contig length of MetaBat was 2500 nucleotides, MaxBin and MyCC were also tested with this parameter. The “superspecific” MetaBat parameter settings were also tested. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of averaged binning statistics of the four metagenomes. Significantly different means were identified by ANOVA at an α = 0.05 for the % contamination and number of bins. However, a Tukey–Kramer post hoc test only identified a significant difference in the mean number of bins for MyCC compared to MaxBin2.2500.