MOESM1 of Combined genetic mutations and DNA-methylated genes as biomarkers for endometrial cancer detection from cervical scrapings

  • Hui Chen Wang (Creator)
  • Yu Chun Weng (Creator)
  • Tzu-I Wu (Contributor)
  • Phui Ly Liew (Contributor)
  • Hung-Cheng Lai (Contributor)
  • Po-Hsuan Su (Contributor)
  • Chien-Wen Chen (Contributor)
  • Chi-Chun Liao (Contributor)
  • Rui-Lan Huang (Creator)



Additional file 1: Table S1. Performance of methylated gene combinations to detect endometrial cancer in scrapings of cervical lesions. Figure S1. The analytical sensitivity of target genes and limit of COL2A1 detection. Linear regression analysis was performed to assess assay linearity. (A and B) The ΔCp values and serial percentages of methylated DNA showed a high correlation (R2 = 0.998 and 0.99 for BHLHEE22 and CDO1, respectively). The mean ΔCp values of 0.1% methylated DNA were 7.87 and 7.45 for BHLHEE22 and CDO1, respectively. Additionally, when the DNA temple was 118 copies, the mean Cp value of COL2A1 was 35.8 (C). Therefore, we defined clinical samples with Cp values of COL2A1 > 36 as not detectable. Figure S2. PTEN and TP53 mutations in cervical squamous cell carcinoma. We visualized these two genetic mutations from cBioPortal ( Copy number alteration data including 278 samples from The Cancer Genome Atlas and the PanCancer Atlas studies were chosen for mutation analysis