Additional file 2: of Impact of post-sepsis cardiovascular complications on mortality in sepsis survivors: a population-based study

  • Meng Huan Wu (Contributor)
  • Po Yang Tsou (Contributor)
  • Yu Hsun Wang (Contributor)
  • Meng-Tse Lee (Contributor)
  • Christin Chao (Contributor)
  • Wan Chien Lee (Contributor)
  • Si Huei Lee (Contributor)
  • Jiun Ruey Hu (Contributor)
  • Jiunn-Yih Wu (Contributor)
  • Shy-Shin Chang (Contributor)
  • Chien Chang Lee (Contributor)



Table S2. Comparison of incidence (events/1000 person) of MI/stroke in sepsis and propensity score-matched non-sepsis cohort. Representation of the multivariable logistic regression analysis summarizing the association between sepsis and incidence of MI, stroke and MI/stroke while accounting for potential confounders. Abbreviations: MI, myocardial infarction; PS, propensity score; OR, odds ratio. (DOCX 15 kb)
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