Additional file 13: of Hypoxia-induced Slug SUMOylation enhances lung cancer metastasis

  • Pei Fang Hung (Contributor)
  • Tse Ming Hong (Contributor)
  • Che-Chang Chang (Contributor)
  • Chung Lieh Hung (Contributor)
  • Yuan Ling Hsu (Contributor)
  • Yih-Leong Chang (Contributor)
  • Chen Tu Wu (Contributor)
  • Gee-Chen Chang (Contributor)
  • Nei Li Chan (Contributor)
  • Sung Liang Yu (Contributor)
  • Pan Chyr Yang (Contributor)
  • Szu Hua Pan (Contributor)



Figure S13. Slug SUMOylation promotes cell invasion. CL1–2 (a) and Hop62 (b) cells infected with lentivirus encoded wild-type and mutant form of Slug were analyzed the cell invasive ability in modified Boyden chamber invasion assay. The invading cells were stained by Giemsa staining (left) and were quantified (right; n = 3). The invasive ability of the cells is presented in the right panel, and the control group was normalized to 100%. P values were calculated and compared with vector only control by Student’s t-test. (PDF 101 kb)
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