The present disclosure provides an operating method of a dopamine transporter check system, and the operation method includes steps as follows. A scan image of a subject's brain is obtained from a scan machine, and the scan image is a three-dimensional image. The scan image is aligned to a standard brain space to obtain a standardized scan image. Intensity normalization is performed on the standardized scan image. The standardized scan image after the intensity normalization is converted into a two-dimensional image. A plurality of image data are got from at least one region of interest in the two-dimensional image, and the at least one region of interest includes a left caudate, a left putamen, a right caudate and a right putamen. A dopamine neuron loss degree measurement and evaluation model based on the image data is established through a transfer learning.
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
Patent numberI781463
IPCA61B 5/31(2021.01); A61B 5/055(2006.01); A61B 6/02(2006.01); A61P 25/00(2006.01); G16H 30/00(2018.01); G16H 50/50(2018.01)
Publication statusPublished - Oct 21 2022

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