Trends in mortality from cerebrovascular disease in taiwan

Han Hwa Hu, Fu Li Chu, Wen Jang Wong, Yuk Keung Lo, Wen Yung Sheng

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The rate of decline in the age-adjusted death rate from cerebrovascular disease (CVD) in Taiwan is not as rapid as in the United States and Japan, and the trends of CVD mortalities have not decreased steadily during the period 1972-1983. A low record of hypertension regulation (S.0%-12.7%), a high proportion (47.1%) of stroke due to cerebral hemorrhage (by clinical assessment), and a high fatality rate (40.1%) for cerebral hemorrhage may account partially for the slower declining rate. A geographic difference in the downward trend of CVD death rate was observed in this period. Districts remote from the major cities have had the lowest decline in CVD death rate.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1986
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