The necessity of preoperative enema preparation for hemorrhoidal surgery: a single-center comparative study

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Background: Hemorrhoidal surgery is a common treatment for high-grade hemorrhoids. The necessity of preoperative enema preparation (PEP) in hemorrhoidal surgery is inconclusive. This study aims to evaluate the benefit and safety of PEP in hemorrhoidal surgery. Methods: This comparative study analyzed data from electronic medical record database and outpatient questionnaire archive. Data of patients who underwent hemorrhoidal surgery from March 2020 to February 2021 were obtained. Patients were allocated to either the PEP or non-PEP group. Primary outcome measurements were postoperative pain and oral analgesic use. Secondary outcomes were the number of days until first defecation, length of hospital stay, time to return to work, incidence of urinary retention, delayed bleeding, and local infection. Results: Data of 270 consecutive patients, with 130 and 140 in the PEP and non-PEP groups, respectively, who underwent hemorrhoidal surgery were analyzed. Most patients underwent stapled hemorrhoidopexy, with 106 (81.54%) in PEP group and 113 (80.71%) in non-PEP group. The mean pain score was significantly higher in PEP than in non-PEP group at day 0 (6.21 ± 3.23 vs 5.31 ± 3.14), day 1 (5.79 ± 2.89 vs 4.68 ± 3.02), and day 2 (5.35 ± 2.86 vs 4.42 ± 2.76). No significant differences in postoperative recovery or complications rate were noted between groups. Conclusion: Our findings revealed that performing PEP before hemorrhoidal surgery produced no benefit when compared with not performing PEP. Typically, the procedure of PEP is inconvenient and discomforting for patients. Therefore, we suggest that it can be omitted in hemorrhoidal surgery.

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JournalLangenbeck's Archives of Surgery
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022


  • Hemorrhoidal surgery
  • Postoperative pain
  • Preoperative enema preparation

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