Stepwise training program: A novel practice schedule for laparoscopic suturing

Hsin An Chen, Shih Wei Huang, Shih Chiang Shen, Kuei Yen Tsai, Hsin Hong Kuo, Bernard Dallemagne, Howard C. Jen, Chin Hung Wei

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Purpose: We establish stepwise training program in which laparoscopic suturing is broken down to discrete steps. The purpose is to evaluate the learning outcomes of stepwise training program. Materials and methods: Volunteer participants were enrolled from medical students and surgical trainees. Students took two courses of 2-h stepwise training, and a post-course (1st & 2nd) test was taken after each course; trainees took one course of stepwise training with a pre-course (1st) and a post-course (2nd) test. Attending surgeons took the test as control. Learning outcomes were assessed with laparoscopic suturing competency assessment tool (LS-CAT) and suturing time. Results: There were 10 students, 8 trainees and 6 surgeon controls. Suturing time and LS-CAT scores significantly improved between the 1st and 2nd test (p < 0.01). In the both tests, suturing time and LS-CAT scores of students and trainees were similar. In the 1st test, surgeons had significantly better performance in suturing time and LS-CAT score than students and trainees; in the 2nd test, the LS-CAT scores of students and trainees were similar to the surgeon controls. Conclusions: Stepwise program effectively enhances laparoscopic suturing skill for medical students and surgical trainees. Catch-up effect was demonstrated in medical students with stepwise training.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere22563
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2023


  • Laparoscopic suturing
  • Practice schedule
  • Stepwise training

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