Role of bone morphogenetic proteins-7 (BMP-7) in the renal improvement effect of DangGui (Angelica sinensis) in type-1 diabetic rats

Juei Tang Cheng, Ching Hua Yeh, Chen Kuei Chang, Kai Chun Cheng, Ying Xiao Li, Ying Wen Zhang

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Hyperglycemia induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation is believed as major factors leading to diabetic nephropathy (DN). DangGui (Angelica sinensis) is mentioned to show renal protective effect in combination with other herbs. Bone morphogenetic proteins-7 (BMP-7) is produced merit in protection of DN. The role of BMP-7 in DangGui-induced renal improvement is not clear. The present study investigated the effects of DangGui on renal functions, BMP-7 expression and the levels of ROS in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats and high glucose-exposed rat mesangial cells (RMCs). After 1- or 4-week treatment, DangGui improved renal functions and increased renal BMP-7 expression in diabetic rats. The BMP-7 expression in RMCs was reduced by high glucose treatment and this could be reversed by DangGui. Moreover, RMCs exposed to high glucose were expired by BMP-7 RNAi transfection but those cells remained alive by scramble transfection. Thus, we employed regular RMCs to knock down BMP-7 with RNAi and we found that DangGui increased BMP-7 expression in these RMCs. Direct activation of BMP-7 expression by DangGui could be considered. The results of DPPH assay, DHE stain and lucigenin assay indicated that DangGui could inhibit high glucose-induced ROS in RMCs. These results suggest that DangGui has an ability to improve renal functions in STZ-diabetic rats through increasing endogenous BMP-7 expression and decreasing oxidative stress in kidney. The present study suggest that DangGui could be applied to improve renal functions in diabetic disorders.

Original languageEnglish
Article number796723
JournalEvidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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