Renal denervation prevents and reverses hyperinsulinemia-induced hypertension in rats

Wann Chu Huang, Te Chao Fang, Juei Tang Cheng

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Experiments were performed to evaluate the role of the renal nerves in hyperinsulinemia-induced hypertension. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were made hyperinsulinemic by insulin infusion via osmotic minipumps implanted subcutaneously (3.0 mU/kg per minute for 6 weeks). Rats with vehicle infusion served as controls. Bilateral renal denervation was performed either at the beginning of or 4 weeks after insulin infusion. The systolic blood pressure was measured by the tail-cuff method twice a week. Food and water intake and urine flow were measured daily. The results showed that sustained insulin infusion significantly increased plasma insulin concentrations from 277.7±25.8 pmol/L to 609.9±22.2 and 696.7±23.0 pmol/L by the end of weeks 4 and 6, respectively (P<0.05). Systolic blood pressure was significantly increased from 135±3 to 157±3 and 159±2 mm Hg (P<0.05) at the corresponding time points. There was a significant increase in the plasma norepinephrine concentration after insulin infusion, whereas no significant changes in plasma triglyceride and glucose concentrations, water intake, urine flow, sodium excretion, sodium gain, and body weight gain were observed. Bilateral renal denervation depleted renal norepinephrine stores and prevented the development of hyperinsulinemia-induced hypertension. After hyperinsulinemia-induced hypertension had been fully established (from 134±2 to 157±2 mm Hg), bilateral renal denervation reversed the elevated systolic blood pressure to normotensive levels within 2 weeks. Transient denervated diuresis and natriuresis were observed. These results indicate that chronic hyperinsulinemia-induced hypertension requires the presence of intact renal nerves in rats.

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Publication statusPublished - Aug 1998
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  • Denervated natriuresis
  • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Insulin resistance
  • Renal denervation
  • Renal nerve

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