Pull-out capability of a 3d printed threadless suture anchor with rectangular cross-section: A biomechanical study

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Suture anchor fixation is a common method for securing bone and soft tissue in the body, with proven applications in the hip, elbow, hand, knee and foot. A critical limiting factor of suture anchors is the pull-out strength, particularly in suboptimal bone. This study introduces a novel 3D printed threadless suture anchor with a rectangular cross-section. The titanium anchor was designed with surface fenestration and a porous central core to improve bone ingrowth. The aim of this study was to compare the pull-out properties of the novel threadless anchor with a traditional circular threaded suture anchor. The anchors were inserted into a 0.24 g/cm3 synthetic cancellous bone block at angles of 90° and 135° to the surface. The sutures were pulled at 180° (parallel) to the surface under a static pull test (anchor pullout) and cyclic load test using a tensile testing machine. Under the static load, the greatest pullout strength was seen with the novel threadless anchor inserted at 90° (mean, 105.6 N; standard deviation [SD], 3.5 N). The weakest pullout strength was seen with the threaded anchor inserted at 90° (mean, 87.9 N; SD, 4.1 N). In the cyclic load test, all six of the threaded anchors with a 90° insertion angle pulled out after 18 cycles (70 N). All of the threadless anchors inserted at 90° survived the cyclic test (90 N). In conclusion, the novel threadless suture anchor with rectangular cross-section and traditional threaded suture anchor had similar pullout survivorship when inserted at either 90° or 135°. In addition, the 3D printed threadless anchor has the potential for good bone integration to improve long-term stabilization.

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JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2021


  • 3D printing
  • Biomechanical study
  • Pull-out capability
  • Suture anchor
  • Threadless

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