Poorer prognosis in young patients with gastric cancer?

Su Shun Lo, Hsu Sung Kuo, Chew Wun Wu, Mao Chih Hsieh, Yi Ming Shyr, Hwei Chung Wang, Wing Yiu Lui

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: Although the relationship between prognosis and age of patients with gastric cancer is controversial, a poorer prognosis in young patients has been suggested by most investigators. To further examine the hypothesis, a retrospective study was undertaken to analyze a large series of patients with gastric cancer in Taiwan. METHODOLOGY: A total of 1642 consecutive patients diagnosed with gastric cancer and receiving further management at one medical center from 1988 to 1993 were reviewed. The gender, TNM tumor stage, rate of curative resection and survival of the patients were compared in the young age group (≤ 39 years) and the old age group (> 39 years). Survival was estimated with the product-limit method and difference in survival was tested by the log-rank test. Multivariate analysis was done by the Cox proportional hazard model. RESULTS: Among the 1642 patients, 61 patients were in the young age group and 1581 patients were in the old age group. There was no significant difference for the 2 groups of patients in the distribution of TNM stage (stage I: 20%; II: 8%; III: 13%; IV: 59% vs. 19%, 11%, 25% and 45% respectively, in the old age group, p = 0.098) and rate of curative resection (38% vs 51% in the old age group, p = 0.059). The overall 5-year survival showed no significant difference between the groups (25% vs. 29% in the old). Subgroup analyses showed that survival after curative resection and survival without curative treatment (including palliative resection and no resection) also had no difference in the 2 groups. Multivariate analysis also showed that age was not an independent factor. CONCLUSIONS: Although most reports suggested a dismal prognosis in young patients with gastric cancer, based on our findings, young patients (≤ 39 years) do not have a worse prognosis than older patients.

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Publication statusPublished - 1999
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