Mobile terminal and communication system thereof

Yu-Shiang Lin (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The utility model provides a mobile terminal and communication system thereof, this mobile terminal include that at least one inlays the communication component who locates its shell side, and communication component includes linkage unit and a plurality of contact, and the linkage unit sets up with a plurality of contact next -door neighbour, and the linkage unit is used for being connected mobile terminal with the counterpoint of outside incoming end to it conducts communication to make between the contact that a plurality of contact and outside incoming end correspond with it. Compared with the prior art, the utility model provides a mobile terminal as the actuation linkage unit, relies on the magnetism of magnet to inhale the counterpoint connection that the cooperation realized contact through setting up the ingenious magnet of structure. And then the data communication who realizes mobile terminal transmits its simple structure, easy to operate.
Translated title of the contribution一种移动终端及其通信系统
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Patent numberCN206149330U
IPCH04M 1/02(2006.01); G06F 3/0488(2013.01)
Publication statusPublished - May 3 2017

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