Manufacturing technology of banana-assorted breads: The fermentative characteristics affected by different banana cultivars

Li Yun Lin, Chiung Chi Peng, Kuan Chou Chen, Hui Er Wang, Chun Shen Wang, Kun Hung Shen, Robert Y. Peng

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Taiwan produces large quantities of bananas in the southern area. Recently, due to the export quantity has been greatly reduced, in order to efficiently maintain the banana agriculture and economy, the development of alternate uses of bananas has become urgently in need. Bananas contain a fair amount of nutrients with low glycemic index. Currently, as the bread consumption is increasing, we tried to manufacture banana-assorted breads. The desiccated powders of Musa sapientum var TC2-425 Linn [(genomically, called as Musa (AAA) (MA)] and Musa basjoo “Nam Wa” (MB) were separately incorporated at 15%, 20%, and 25% (denoted as MA15-MA25 and MB15-MB25). Results indicated that MA exhibited higher contents of moisture, ash, crude protein, and lutein, while with lower crude fat, crude fibers, carbohydrate, sodium, total soluble sugars, and pectin. The contents of taste compounds (name, samples in decreasing order) were as follows: 5′-CMP (MB25, MB20); 5′-GMP (MA25, MA20); 5′-AMP (MB25, MA15); 5′-XMP (MA25, MA20); 5′-IMP (MA25, MB20, MB25); and 5′-UMP (MA20, MA25, MB20). Hedonic scoring (HS) indicated MA15, MA20, MB15, and MB20 were more acceptable. Textural profile analysis (TPA; for 0–6 days, only 0–4 days are shown) revealed that “flavor,” “mouthfeel,” “hardness,” “gumminess,” and “chewiness” were the determinant key roles. Conclusively, due to different chemical constituent of banana, different recipes must be considered. The bread acceptability is affected by the fermentative profile which in turn is governed by the contents of soluble sugars, pectin, taste compounds, and the overall activity of yeast cells.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2627-2641
Number of pages15
JournalFood Science and Nutrition
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2020


  • banana breads processing
  • fermentative characteristics
  • hedonic scoring
  • Musa sapientum and M. formosana
  • pectin
  • soluble sugars
  • textural profile analysis

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