Isoflavone(Phytogen) in the Treatment of Male Climacterics and Prostatism

Ming Che Liu, Han-Sun Chiang, Kuan-Chou Chen, K.J. Hsieh

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Background and purpose: To elucidate the effect of isoflavone on male climacterics and
prostatism. Methods: We conducted an open labeled clinical study of isoflavone on 25
males with climacteric symptoms and/or prostatism, in which 6 g of isoflavone (Phytogen)
was given daily to 25 men aged from 48 to 78 (average, 67.2) years old for 2 months.
Periodic examinations were made of the prostate size, PSA (prostate specific antigen), and
uroflow, as well as a follow up questionnaires with subjective screening of the voiding
function, sexual function, and male climacteric symptoms were given. Results: Neither the
prostate size nor serum PSA level of any patient were altered. For patients with
hypogonadism at the baseline (with an average serum testosterone level of 0.74 ng/ml,
n=8), isoflavone was shown to have resolved the testosterone deficiency after 1 month
(average testosterone level of 3.04 ng/ml) and 2 months (average testosterone level of 3.37
ng/ml) of treatment. The peak flow rate of the urine was also notably improved after 2
months of isoflavone treatment (with an increase in the average peak flow rate of from
6.17 to 12 ml/s). Some of the male climacteric symptoms such as fatigue, general
weakness, and skin atrophy were found to have diminished by scoring in the group of
diseased patients. As a natural product, isoflavone was quite acceptable to these middle
aged to elderly patients, and no adverse effects were recorded. Conclusion: Although
neither all of the patients nor all of the symptoms were responsive to 2 months of treatment
with this medication in our series, isoflavone did, however, truly benefit some patients with
climacteric symptoms and/or prostatism and may be an alternative therapy for aging males.
Translated title of the contribution用Isoflavone (Phytogen(上標 ®))治療男性更年期 的攝護腺肥大的症狀
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)249-256
Number of pages8
JournalFu-Jen Journal of Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • isoflavone
  • climacterics symptoms
  • prostatism
  • aging male


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