Innovative "case-based integrated teaching" in an undergraduate medical curriculum: Development and teachers' and students' responses

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Introduction: We developed "Case-Based Integrated Teaching (C-BIT)" in our medical school to integrate the content of various disciplines through a core patient design that introduces major diseases to students. This article presents the concepts, development and initial evaluation of the teachers' and students' responses to C-BIT. Materials and Methods: Teachers' manuals for 18 major diseases were completed. Eighty teachers from various disciplines participated in writing the first 10 manuals. On the basis of this experience, 57 teachers subsequently prepared another 8 manuals. Each manual is composed of a brief summary of a patient with a major disease, learning objectives, case presentation, questions, a teaching guide and references for all disciplines. Teachers' and students' responses to a questionnaire were recorded. Results: Most respondents agreed that C-BIT is patient-centred and can be used to improve curriculum integration, reduce duplication in teaching and enhance communication among the faculty members from various disciplines. One-third of the teachers contributed to more than one C-BIT manual, indicating their enthusiasm for the development of C-BIT. Most of the students agreed that C-BIT can enhance discussion, integrate the curriculum and promote active learning. Conclusion: We have developed a new format for teaching materials that enhance teacher-student and teacher-teacher interactions, reduces redundant content and integrates disciplines through patient-oriented medical education.

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JournalAnnals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2008


  • Case-based learning
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