Fucoidan/UVC Combined Treatment Exerts Preferential Antiproliferation in Oral Cancer Cells but Not Normal Cells

Ya Ting Chuang, Jun Ping Shiau, Ching Yu Yen, Ming Feng Hou, Jiiang Huei Jeng, Jen Yang Tang, Hsueh Wei Chang

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Combined treatment is a promising anticancer strategy for improving antiproliferation compared with a single treatment but is limited by adverse side effects on normal cells. Fucoidan (FN), a brown-algae-derived polysaccharide safe food ingredient, exhibits preferential function for antiproliferation to oral cancer but not normal cells. Utilizing the preferential antiproliferation, the impacts of FN in regulating ultraviolet C (UVC) irradiation were assessed in oral cancer cells. A combined treatment (UVC/FN) reduced cell viability of oral cancer cells (Ca9-22 and CAL 27) more than single treatments (FN or UVC), i.e., 53.7%/54.6% vs. 71.2%/91.6%, and 89.2%/79.4%, respectively, while the cell viability of UVC/FN treating on non-malignant oral (S–G) was higher than oral cancer cells, ranging from 106.0 to 108.5%. Mechanistically, UVC/FN preferentially generated higher subG1 accumulation and apoptosis-related inductions (annexin V, caspases 3, 8, and 9) in oral cancer cells than single treatments. UVC/FN preferentially generated higher oxidative stress than single treatments, as evidenced by flow cytometry-detecting reactive oxygen species, mitochondrial superoxide, and glutathione. Moreover, UVC/FN preferentially caused more DNA damage (γH2AX and 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine) in oral cancer cells than in single treatments. N-acetylcysteine pretreatment validated the oxidative stress effects in these UVC/FN-induced changes. Taken together, FN effectively enhances UVC-triggered antiproliferation to oral cancer cells. UVC/FN provides a promising potential for preferential and synergistic antiproliferation in antioral cancer therapy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1797
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2022


  • combined treatment
  • fucoidan
  • oral cancer
  • oxidative stress
  • ultraviolet C

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