Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) may improve survival in patients with inoperable pulmonary oligometastases. However, the impact of pulmonary oligometastatic status after systemic therapy on SABR outcomes remains unclear. Hence, we investigated the outcomes of SABR in 45 patients with 77 lung tumors and the prognostic value of pulmonary oligoprogression. Eligibility criteria were pulmonary oligometastases (defined as ≤5 metastatic lung tumors), controlled extrapulmonary disease (EPD) after front-line systemic therapy, SABR as primary local treatment for inoperable pulmonary metastases, and consecutive imaging follow-up. Oligometastatic lung tumor was classified into controlled or oligoprogressive status. Overall survival (OS), in-field progression-free survival (IFPFS), out-field progression-free survival (OFPFS), and prognostic variables were evaluated. With 21.8 months median follow-up, the median OS, IFPFS, and OFPFS were 28.3, not reached, and 6.5 months, respectively. Two-year OS, IFPFS, and OFPFS rates were 56.0%, 74.2%, and 17.3%, respectively. Oligoprogressive status (p = 0.003), disease-free interval < 24 months (p = 0.041), and biologically effective dose (BED10) < 100 Gy (p = 0.006) were independently associated with inferior OS. BED10 ≥ 100 Gy (p = 0.029) was independently correlated with longer IFPFS. Oligoprogressive status (p = 0.017) and EPD (p = 0.019) were significantly associated with inferior OFPFS. Grade ≥ 2 radiation pneumonitis occurred in four (8.9%) patients. Conclusively, SABR with BED10 ≥ 100 Gy could provide substantial in-field tumor control and longer OS for systemic therapy respondents with inoperable pulmonary oligometastases. Oligoprogressive lung tumors exhibited a higher risk of out-field treatment failure and shorter OS. Hence, systemic therapy should be tailored for patients with oligoprogression to reduce the risk of out-field treatment failure. However, in the absence of effective systemic therapy, SABR is a reasonable alternative to reduce resistant tumor burden.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1597
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - May 2023


  • extrapulmonary disease
  • metastasectomy
  • oligometastases
  • oligoprogression
  • pulmonary metastases
  • stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR)

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