Databases for T-cell epitopes

Chun Wei Tung

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Modem immunology and vaccinology incorporate immunoinformatics techniques to give insights into immune systems and accelerate vaccine design. Databases managing epitope data in a structured form with immune-related annotations including sequences, alleles, source organisms, structures, and diseases could be the most crucial part of immunoinformatics offering data sources for the analysis of immune systems and development of prediction methods. This chapter provides an overview of publicly available databases of T-cell epitopes including general databases, pathogen- and tumor-specific databases, and 3D structure databases.

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  • Database
  • Immunogenicity
  • Immunoinformatics
  • Major histocompatibility complex
  • Pathogen
  • T-cell epitope
  • Transporter associated with antigen processing
  • Tumor
  • Vaccine

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