Comparative survey of holding positions for reducing vaccination pain in young infants

Hui Chu Yin, Shao Wen Cheng, Chun Yuh Yang, Ya Wen Chiu, Yi Hao Weng

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Background. Infant holding position may reduce vaccination pain. However, the optimal position for young infants remains controversial. Objectives. To compare the e?ectiveness of holding infants in the supine position and the e?ectiveness of holding infants in upright position for relieving acute pain from vaccine injection. Methods. Tis prospective cohort study enrolled 6-12- week-old healthy infants. We examined infant pain responses by evaluating the following three categories: (1) crying, (2) irritability, and (3) facial expression. Results. In total, 282 infants were enrolled, with 103 and 179 held in the supine and upright positions, respectively. At 30 s afer vaccination, the infants in the supine position showed a larger decrease in crying (p < 0.001), irritability (p = 0.002), and pained facial expression (p = 0.001) than did those in the upright position. However, there was no signifcant diperence in pain response between two groups at 180 s afer intervention. Conclusion. In 2-month-old infants, the supine position may reduce acute pain more epectively than does the upright position. Our fndings provide a clinical strategy for relieving vaccination pain in young infants.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3273171
JournalPain Research and Management
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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