Catatonia-phenomenology, psychopathology, and pathophysiology

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The chapter provides an overview about catatonia. Catatonia is a psychomotor syndrome that can be characterized by a peculiar constellation of affective, motor, and behavioral symptoms. Phenomenologically, these patients often report intense and uncontrollable anxieties which they cannot control. These can occur in the context of various psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, depression, and mania. I conclude that catatonia is a final common functional pathway into which different disorders can converge.

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Title of host publicationAn Experiential Approach to Psychopathology
Subtitle of host publicationWhat is it Like to Suffer From Mental Disorders?
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  • Catatonia
  • Intense anxieties
  • Kahlbaum
  • Motor and behavioral changes
  • Syndrome

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