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OBJECTIVE: To investigate the practicability on the processes of selecting "local tenderness skin points (trigger points)" and "propagated sensation along meridians" (PSM) phenomenon, and to find out the corresponding abnormal meridian channel in different illnesses.

METHODS: Ten patients with different kinds of chronic illnesses were administered photoluminescent bioceramic material (PLB) irradiations on meridians. The processes of selecting trigger points and PSM phenomenon were carried out on 80% (8/10) of the cases to find out the corresponding abnormal meridian channel in different illnesses. There were 8 cases identified by trigger points selection; 3 cases identified by PSM; 2 were not identified by either trigger points or PSM. These 2 cases were tested with electrodermal measurements of the 24 Ryodoraku meridian points to select their corresponding abnormal meridian channels for PLB irradiations. Objective and subjective Clinical improvements after PLB irradations were recorded.

RESULTS: After PLB treatment, patients showed different noticeable improvements upon clinical observations. The most significant improvements were noticed shortly after subacute stage at 3-5 months durations of illnesses. Objective measurements showed a clinical improvement of 43.8%.

CONCLUSIONS: To explain our clinical observations, we simply deduced that PLB treatment induced or promoted fluid/water diffusion along meridian channels. There was a gradually dredging of the meridian channels thus relieving stagnation and a vital change in the flow of dynamic patterns of meridians. This conforms to, or validates, the old traditional Chinese theory of "Bu Tong Ze Tong" and "Tong Ze Bu Tong", that is, where there is obstruction, there is pain; where there is no obstruction, there is no pain.

Original languageEnglish
JournalChinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Publication statusPublished - Jul 4 2015


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