In the view of health, everyone expresses manipulate behavior(MB) more or less in his or her life. However, in this article manipulative behavior refers to a pathological term. The definition of MB regards the manipulators threaten others in a forced way in order to control other people. The manipulative person can not trust himself, he could not trust other people as well the manipulator tries to control himself by controlling other because he can't control himself. The most common manipulative
behaviors include: intimidates, deceive, self- harm, demands, flatters, ingratiation and so on. The worst part of such behavior is that it will split the health professionals in some way. It also causes conflicts between nursing staff and disturbs the emotional
status of them. To avoid these situations, all nursing staff should help patients with consistent attitude. In addition, nurses should master behavior of manipulators to reduce the chance of being manipulated. Helping patients to solve their problems may
help build up the sense of trust and security and promote self-control. They will be able to increase recognition of behaviors, mature interpersonal relationship and gain self control.
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
Pages (from-to)765-771
Publication statusPublished - 2000

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