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The aim of this project is implement a well designed expert review and management mechanism for the government science and development projects under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The main items of this project are as follows. 1. To participate in the 2018 fiscal year deliberation of the government science and technology development projects and submit evaluation results and report of the advisory committee meetings in 2018. 2. To assist the review of the outcomes of the deliberation of government science and technology development projects executed in year 2018, and manage the review process for the projects executed in year 2019. 3. To establish a system to assess resources allocation including human resources, to assess investment outcomes, and to pinpoint the differences in current technologies of investigated projects between Taiwan and other advanced countries. Statistical analysis and cost-benefit comparisons with these countries are also performed. 4. To avoid repetition among all of the projects, the reasonability of the projects between plans of the science and technology projects and the proposed budgets, the reliability of the evaluation of the outcomes for the projects executed in the past and the effective utilization of 10% returned budget for each of the projects executed poorly in the previous year. 5. To assess the overall outcome of the execution of each project, including the assessment of the expected achievements and impact on the industry and society after completion of the project. For the projects that could not be executed to achieve their expected goals or cost-benefits by unexpected or irresistible factors, we plan to implement an efficient management mechanism to modify the budgets of these projects. 6. To participate in the executive assessment of important science and technology programs and attend the committee meetings to deliberate on the special projects proposed by various agencies of the government.
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/17


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