To Explore the Spread of Evidence-Based Nursing---The Indicator of Lifelong Learning Ability and Develop Nursing Clinical Guideline

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Lifelong learning is one of the core competencies for nursing education. In order to provide best practice to patient care, nurses must acquire the skill of lifelong learning and ensure evidence-based practice. This aim of the study is establish a model for lifelong learning skill education for evidence-based nursing in the acute care settings and to verify the effect of this model. This will be a three- year study. The first year, apply systematic literature review, Delphi methodology and focus group to set up the model for evidence-based nursing implementations in the hospitals. The second year, adopt Quasi-experimental, two pre-post test groups design, to sampling five experimental groups and five control groups from each hospital, and evaluate the ability of lifelong learning to verify the effect of this spread model during pre-post test. The third year, adopt Quasi-experimental, two pre-post test groups design, to perform the pre-post test on nurses’evidence-based nursing knowledge in the period of nursing clinical guideline development and lifelong learning. The result of test will be verified through the effect of nurses’lifelong learning ability improvement and nursing clinical guideline examining development on evidence-based nursing implementation model. This achievement not only can provide to hospital on reference to implement the evidence-based nursing and improve lifelong learning ability on nurses, but also link with worldwide in implementing evidence-based nursing.
Effective start/end date8/1/107/31/11


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  • Evidence-based Nursing


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