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The purpose of the study project: Rapid increase of aging population is one of important global issue recently which are facing many challenges. The concept of preventive health care services and health promotion for the aging population to provide services near the home or place of residence. The main aim of this research project is to use the communication science technology and services in this modern era. The effective use of 4G mobile broadband communication will be integrated for physiological measurement, environmental detection with ambient sensors and other monitoring systems that can serve as caregivers by post-test and by analysis of simulation verification. We will establish a personal care cloud database and import actual day care facilities, assisted to improve staff care and their efficiency, provide customized health care quality and safety monitoring of caregivers. More intensive care facilities and customer relationship management are caregivers dependents (Customer Relationship Management CRM), so that the caregivers can get instant, sustained and integrity of health care services. Preventive medicine reaches the 4P model, that involve (participation) of the desired public, personal (personalization), prediction and prevention of target.
Effective start/end date7/8/153/7/16


  • Aging in place
  • Quality of medical services
  • 4G communications technology
  • ICT technology
  • Day care centers
  • Security monitoring
  • Customer relationship management


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