Thematic Studies on Nano Biomedical Technology to Experience Design Technology

  • Lai, Wen-FuThomas (PI)

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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In order to transfer the knowledge and idea of nano-regenerative collagen and nano-probe molecular imaging to the public, we combine steps of service design, including user experience observation, requirements analysis, scripts design, story-axis analysis, image and interface design, multimedia AV production, and system of interactive programming development ; and technologies, such as gesture control technology, augmented reality technology, and physical interaction device technology, to develop a interactive device for nanotechnology learning. The developing will divide in to 3 parts as followings : 1. User interface development and system construction, hand-tracking technology will be used. Through Leap Motion Controllers, users can operate through the finger and hand gestures. Hand tracking technology can also be used to integrate with interactive multimedia applications to increase the potential of its diversified. Hand tracking technology combined with interactive multimedia design, expanding nanotechnology serious games interactive digital learning model, the stereotypical hard knowledge is transformed into an image, and use hand tracking technology provides intuitive gestures to enhance the users ’ interest in learning and learning outcomes. 2. On the application of interactive technology will include interactive design of video games, augmented reality, and design of interactive multimedia applications. In essence, develop serious game as axis. Set topic knowledge into a serious game and through a series of interactive design, including: the interactive experience of the traditional gaming card, combined with picture cards and amplified reality interactive 3D image experience. 3. Development of science education real products/system as the target, through real made and hands-on real made improve science concept of user more easily and increased real made experience. Furthermore, everyone can show himself creation, made the entity interactive of concept, and put to internet for more people browse and transformation and build manufactures of mass production eventually.
Effective start/end date1/1/152/29/16


  • nano-regenerative collagen
  • nanotechnology
  • Nano-probe molecular imaging
  • service design
  • serious games
  • exploratory learning
  • augmented reality
  • gesture control
  • physical interaction device


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