The study of interoperable EHRs’ effectiveness at primary care clinics.

Project: A - Government Institutionc - Ministry of Health and Welfare

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In order to implement interoperable Electronic medical records (EHRs) at 1500 primary care clinics, Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHF) has outsourced the “Project of EHRs review software through EHRs exchange center” in 2014. Clinic physicians could download patients’ discharge summary, medications and laboratory test reports due to this project and it will be accomplished on June 2015.This project not only help physician reviewed patients’ data conveniently which they visited in hospitals, it could also reduce unnecessary examinations, drugs and medical service to enhance the care of quality. Our study will conduct a comprehensive survey consisted of 1500 primary care clinics that participated in the 2014 Project by MOHF. We will adopt DeLone & McLea’ s information system successful model as the theory base to develop our structured questionnaire. The survey will be conducted after the questionnaire is through expert panel meeting, and validity and reliability tests to access the effectiveness of interoperable EHRs. Three forums will be also held to collect primary care physicians’ usage opinions in northern, central and southern Taiwan. Therefore, we expect the results and suggestions of our study could enhance the successful rate of interoperable EHRs system installation and uses’ satisfaction at primary care clinics. The study purposes are as follows: 1. To explore the system structure, operation process and management mechanism of interoperable EHRs at primary care clinics for comparing their strengths and weaknesses to provide improving solutions. 2. To hold three forums for collecting primary care physicians’ usage opinions in northern, central and southern Taiwan. 3. To access the effectiveness of interoperable EHRs project at primary care clinics by questionnaire and provide suggestions.
Effective start/end date6/12/152/11/16


  • Electronic medical record
  • interoperability
  • primary care clinics
  • effectiveness


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