The Study of Content of Identity and Identification--The Interplay of Individual and Organizational Level

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What is self-identity? Is it different from identification? Actually, the former is defined as how one
define oneself, who they are, and what role they undertake. The latter is defined the transformation process
of how they obtain the identity. We are interested in the definition and boundary of self-identity, and the
key factors to impact on identity. Ashforth et al. (2008) even asked the same questions, “Which is the major
factor to impact on identity, individual level or organizational level?”
Based on previous research conducted, this study is aimed to study the transform process of
physicians’ self-identity in the target of residents and attending physicians, and further to reveal the
interrelationship of organizational and individual values. However, we target on the two group comparison,
one is the specialty with significant shortage manpower (such as internal medicine and surgery), and the
other is the most popular specialty (such as esthetic, and pathology). Hospital accreditation level is also
taken into consideration of sampling. This study is designed as followed: we select and interview the
physicians of target specialties in order to find the contents of the identity and identification of physicians
the first year. We design the instrument based on the sense defined by the content of identity and further
validate the instrument in the second year. We conduct the survey on the target population and design a
curriculum to transfer the identity and identification process to medical students.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


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