The Research of Core Course for Bio-Energy in TMU

Project: A - Government Institutionb - Ministry of Science and Technology

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The project conducted in TMU was " The research of core course for bio-energy in TMU ". The purpose of this research was to develop the knowledge of biological technology and source as well as the basic capabilities for bio-physics cell produce. This project is planning to propose the core knowledge which should be learned by undergraduate students through the renovated teaching curriculum. First of all, the relative courses of the program will be arranged: (1) adding the knowledge of bio-fuel cell technology as well as the thermal and photovoltaic energy in General Physics; (2) adding the application of bio-energy and bio-fuel cell technology in General Chemistry; (3) adding the classifies, development, characteristic and introduction of the bio-fuel cell technology in General Biology; and (4) via discussion about bio-fuel cell and bio-energy in Seminar, the students would learn who to analysis and produce the bio-energy with renewable resources. Two new courses, Bio-energy material and Biological fuel cell experiments, are attempted to set up development of holistic and longitudinal understandings of bio-energy and bio-fuel cell technology. Lastly, we will promote the bio-energy knowledge to the elementary school students and junior high school students. Through the case studies, the students will learn the renewable resources and critically thinking the method using the bio-energy. The exam and presentation are taken to control students understanding in bio-energy and bio-fuel cell technology. The depth interview and questionnaire survey are involved to understand learning degree and satisfaction. We used SPSS software (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) to analysis the differences between student genders and learning satisfaction to evaluate the concept of improvement
Effective start/end date11/1/106/30/12


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