The Life Care and Reflections of Perform Gross Anatomy Dissection Students after Anatomical Teacher Family Members Interviews

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Human anatomy laboratory is a very special course. It contains a lot of terms and knowledge and needs many time to dissect. This is the first course for students to formally discover human body. For these 10 years, the course combined interview with family member of the anatomical teacher. The instructor found that after interview, students were solemn and serious during the course and showed more responsibility in preparing lessons and tests. Students also spend more time to understand the expectation of anatomical teacher and introspection themselves. The course contains care of the humanistic education and Self-understanding of the life education. We propose a 3-year project to investigate the impact of the course to students in life attitude. We plan to use following procedures to study this aim. 1. For the successfully process the interview, the workshop for interview and consensus camp will be held. 2. We will request students write the introspection writing, for deeply discussion of the course and the self view of their own life. 3. For understanding the change of the life attitude for students after the interview, the attitude questionnaire will be tested before course, after interview and at the end of the course to compare the differences. 4. For understanding the mood of the first time to contact to anatomical teacher, the mood questionnaire will be tested after the day students first time contact to anatomical teacher. 5. For understand the cognition to the course, we design the questionnaire tested before course, after interview and at end of the semester. 6. The anatomical teachers were from many places, not all the family member will agree the interview. We plan to compare the score, questionnaire, introspection writing between students with and without interview.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


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