The Investigation of the Backfilled Gutta Percha Temperature and Physical Properties in Root Canal Obturation

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Hermetically obturation of root canal systems is one of principles for the successful endodontic treatment. Vertical compaction of warm gutta-percha technique is one of the major techniques for the root canal obturation. However, there are many the obturation units and different kinds of backfilled gutta-percha such as regular flow type and soft type. The studies about their contents and temperature rise pattern are still unclear. Consequently, the shrinkage of gutta percha and incomplete obturation may result in endodontic treatment failure. Our experiment detects the temperature of six brands of backfilled gutta percha using infrared thermography at 120〇C、150〇C、180〇C、200〇C of four different endodontic backpacking units. The contents and physical properties including shrinkage, viscosity etc. of backfilled gutta perch are analyzed by SEM/EDX, TGA, DSC, and pheometer. Our preliminary data demonstrated that compaction force on the backfilled gutta percha decreased with increasing the temperature. The compaction force on regular flow type of backfilled gutta percha was significantly higher than the soft type (^<0.05). After examining the gutta percha change on vertical compaction of warm gutta percha technique, we further investigate the backpacking temperature and physical properties of backfilled gutta percha. These studies provide the standard clinic procedure for dentists when performing the canal obturation and increase the success rate of endodontic treatment.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


  • backfilled gutta percha
  • endodontics
  • vertical compaction of warm gutta-percha technique
  • compaction force
  • glass transition temperature


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