The Empowerment of Civil Society and Reform of Government Administrative: a Study on the Promotion of Participatory Budget in Taichung City

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Neither participatory budget nor deliberation democracy, or even community building, are closely linked to the development of civil society. The promotion of participatory budget in Taiwan, continue of the sunflower movement in the streets of democratic deliberative energy, in the past two years continue to carry out. This study will be participatory budget and deliberation of democracy, community building is still regarded as a government funded by an innovative social system to promote and experiment. The central question of this study is "how much can P.B. play in the local roll, increase or change the public participation model, and whether the public sector is actually involved in the public sector have changed. " Therefore, the main purpose of this research is twofold: First, it is trying to combine democracy, participatory budget, community building, whether there is some kind of competing relationship. From the practical experience of promoting the city of Taichung, what difficulties will be encountered, how to organize and implement to foster the public and the public sector to promote the reform of administrative work. Second, between theory and practice, in the civil society empowerment level, they play what kind of role. The relationship between theory and practice has different levels, and the meaning of social change and development. In the initial stage of this study, participatory budget will be regarded as a social system that is in competition with the present representative system, to think about empower of civil society. On the other hand, it also continues to observe whether civil servants involved in participatory budget execution can serve as the basis for the continued introduction of administrative change in the process of popular participation. This study believes that participatory budget, if properly combined with the power of deliberative democracy and community building, can fill the lack of grassroots public power. Community building can also to think about cross community local public affairs by participatory budgeting. More progressive, more inclusive, and more interesting techniques of democratic deliberations will bring people closer to public issues.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • participatory budget
  • deliberation democracy
  • community building
  • civil society empowerment


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