The Development of a Local Worksite Healthy Culture Scale and an Innovative Health Promotion Model

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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For promoting workers’ health and boosting corporate productivity and national competitiveness, workplace health promotion is an international trend and a vital part of national policies. The main purpose of this two-year research is to develop the worksite healthy culture scale, explore the association among worksite healthy culture, demographic character and healthy behaviors, and develop an innovative worksite health promotion model. The first year of this research include developing and testing the reliability and validity about “Worksite healthy culture scale”. It is expected to recruit at least 50 workers from each of 6 invited enterprises for testing through the northern, central and southern worksite health promotion centers commissioned by the Health Promotion Administration. The second year of the research will be dedicated to conducting questionnaire survey to explore the association among worksite healthy culture, demographic characteristics and healthy behaviors. It is also expected to recruit 6 enterprises for testing. Among them, 3 enterprises will be invited to follow a worksite health promotion coach program and follow up questionnaire test. According the results of survey, the effectiveness of this new worksite health promotion model will be validated. The results of this study will be beneficial to the development of designing the strategies of worksite health promotion.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • Worksite health promotion
  • Worksite healthy culture
  • Health coach


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