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The aim of this plan is to digitalize the “Processing of Chinese Medicine” with 2D animation files combined with films and audio e-learning platform. The content of this project will include technique mechanism principles and clinical application of Processing of Chinese Medicine, ex. external contraction, internal damage, eight principle pattern identifications, and eight therapeutic methods. The E-learning platform will have 6 six sections about Processing of Chinese Medicine, including 1. History and principles 2. put in oder, 3. fire processing, 4. water processing, 5. fire-water processing 6. others processing. This on-line e-learning course will linked with eGovernment e-learning homepage ( and also provide a computer playable disc.
Effective start/end date6/27/1412/15/14


  • Processing of Chinese Medicine
  • put in oder
  • fire processing
  • water processing
  • fire-water processing
  • E-learning platform


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