The Association of Training Process, Duty Hour, and Self-Identity Building of Young Physicians

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Based on previous researches conducted, some respondents reported low compassion to play roles of physicians due to their experiences of internship, and eventually lost connection to the roles of physicians. The authors conducted the other research to interview a group of young physicians who quit from ordinary residency training, and discovered that caused by the long working hours, overload of physician role, and worse doctor-patient relationship. Are there any resources to help those young physicians in terms of self-identity building? This study is therefore aimed to study the transform process of physicians’ self-identity in the target of interns, PGY, and residents, and further to reveal the interrelationship of working hours and self-identity construction. This study is designed to survey on young physicians (i.e. interns, PGY, and interns) by a self-devised instrument to collect duty hour data in a monthly basis, and then conduct interviews to investigate the association of duty hours and self-identity building. Moreover, we select and interview the physicians of target group on a longitudinal basis. The purposes of this study are:1. Develop duty hour instrument. 2. Investigate the association of duty hour and self-identity building.3. Conduct a longitudinal study on the defined group of young physicians (started since 2014) to confirm their dynamic progress of self-identity building.
Effective start/end date8/1/187/1/19


  • young physicians
  • self identity
  • identity crisis
  • duty hour


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