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Because of the lack of a general and integral platform, including governmental-policy support, services, development and conformance validation of assistive technology (AT), for caring the disabled, especially for the quadriplegic, a series of problems from services, developments and industrialization has occurred in Taiwan. This project is going to integral experts from every field to solve this problem. With aid of “Protection Act for Rights and Interests of (Physically and Mentally) Disabled Citizens” governmental policy, a general and integral platform is required for Taiwanese industry, academia, research, medical, and disability organizations. In the future, this platform and whole services will be exported for internationalization. Method ⑴ Subproject 1: a. Establish standards of ICF disability certification and assessment of the core set for matching the residual functions and AT services. b. Transfer patients to the subproject- 2 and 3 for following services. (2) Subproject 2: a. Establish a multiple -input multiple- output assistive technology general platform. This platform designed to facilitate development teams of specific systems. b. Establish a demonstration service center in Taipei Medical School in the first year and followed by southern, central and eastern Taiwan. (3) Subproject 3: a. Establish a platform for education, social network and follow-up. b. Provide feedback information for the subproject 2 and 3
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


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