Studies on Combination of Hydrophobic Anticancer Drugs Encapsulated in Nanocarriers and Hydrophilic Anticancer Drugs Loaded in Thermosensitive Hydrogels into Cancer Cell

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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Combination chemotherapy and nanoparticle drug delivey have recently been studied for therapy cancer disease. In our studies, we will develop hydrophobic anticancer drugs encapsulated in nanocarrier and hydrophilic anticancer drugs loaded in thermosensitive hydrogel. Combination of them and co-delivery the formulation into cancer cell will have significant promise in cancer treatment. In the first year, we will try to formulate the hydrophobic anticancer drugs loaded in nanocarriers and hydrophilic anticancer drugs encapsulated in thermosensitive hydrogels. Combination them together to form final formulation. We have to investigate the chemical and physical properties and the mechanism of hydrophobic and hydrophilic anticancer drugs released from nanocarriers and thermosensitive hydrogels. The uniformity, encapsulated efficiency, drug loading and stability of formulation are critical point to evaluate. In the second year, we will use the different tumor cells (such as HT29, B16F10, CV-1 and MC3T3-E1 cell etc.) to process the in vitro studies. The results of MTT assay, IC50 studies and fluorescence microscopy studies will be used to evaluate the anticancer effect and mechanism of hydrophobic and hydrophilic anticancer drugs into tumor cells. In the third year, the pharmacokinetic studies, pharmacodynamics studies and anti-tumor effect in vivo will be confirmed that the thermosensitive hydrogels can inhibit tumor growth and decrease side effect. This studies will develop the platform that can deliver hydrophobic and hydrophilic anticancer drugs and combination therapy to inhibition the cancer cell growth.
Effective start/end date8/1/147/31/15


  • Combination chemotherapy
  • Nanocarrier
  • Hydrophobic anticancer drugs
  • Hydrophilic anticancer drugs
  • Thermosensitive Hydrogel
  • Control release


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