Strategies and Evaluations for the Opportunities on International Cooperation of Diseases Prevention and Control

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Taipei Medical University (TMU) has quickly become an internationally recognized force in the last decade. By forming alliances with universities around the world (especially in Southeast Asia) and setting up offices in allied countries (2 long-term medical missions and 1 health center in Swaziland, República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe and Marshall Islands, respectively), TMU has shown that it is strongly committed to forming global health collaborations. The aim of this course of action is to enhance Taiwan’s role and capacity in the global health security arena through international collaborations. 1. In accordance with the GHSA and JEE, TMU team will analyze and evaluate possible collaboration strategies on infectious diseases control between Taiwan and the United States, Southeast Asian countries, and countries with diplomatic relations. 2. Collect information regarding developments in the GHSA and JEE, including public health preparedness and core capacity building for infectious diseases control from the United States and Southeast Asian countries. 3. Assist countries having diplomatic relations with Taiwan (ex: Belize or St Lucia) to join in JEE evaluation and global health security activities and continuing to strengthen Taiwan’s human resource capacity building in infectious disease control during the process. 4. Establish communicating platform for infectious disease control based on the JEE evaluation report provided by UPMC in 2016, especially on the weakness suggested by the report. Hold at least 3 multidisciplinary meetings bringing together experts from government, industry, and academia to develop a roadmap of collaboration strategies on more than 3 topics from JEE evaluation report. 5. Collaborate with health organizations or NGO in the United States which ever participated in GHSA or JEE development (the tentative target is TMU allied unit--UPMC Center for Health Security or Next Gen located in Washington DC) to hold international conference on global health security in Taiwan. In order to build up consensus, international and domestic experts, groups and stakeholders will be invited to participate in the conference. The study results of this project will be presented in the conference. All the results of above activities, including evaluation, human resource development, strategic planning and international conference will be included in the final report for publishing.
Effective start/end date1/1/1712/31/17


  • Health Security
  • Global Health Security Agenda
  • International Health Regulations
  • Joint External Evaluation
  • International Cooperation


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